Advice and Tips from the VCs Judging Impervious’ Inaugural Hackathon

Left to right: Christopher Calicott (Managing Director, TVP Fund), Hank Thomas (CEO, SCV), Brian Murray (Partner & COO, Craft Ventures)

SCV: Developers can leverage the Impervious API to build secure p2p data transmissions and payments into their applications and services. What applications/use cases would be interesting to see built/explored during the hackathon?

CC: It’s early days. So it’s interesting: we’ll be able to see very early ideas. One of the things I’m hoping to do is be available conversationally for some of the teams, if they just want to spitball ideas about what they’re actually going to build.

SCV: What is the most important quality you’re looking for in a winning team?

CC: I tend to respond best to people who are coming from a place of genuine curiosity. I also love it when someone sets out to do a project, and along the way, they discover some other opportunities and it becomes something almost entirely different. That’s the kind of thing that makes me very happy for the creators and founders, because you can see their developmental arc in real time — as it happens during the hackathon sprint cycle. So that’s always really exciting to see.

SCV: How will you measure the “wow factor”?

CC: For me, especially in this context, I think it’s definitely when someone’s like, ‘I didn’t even think that that was going to be possible yet’. The API set for Impervious is just about to be released, and it’ll be the first version. It usually takes a while for people to think ahead and see, ‘Oh, yeah, I could do that, but what about this other thing?’ And when these developers get new tools in their hands, and they go into the zone, sometimes they will amaze you with ideas that others haven’t even begun to conceive.

SCV: If you were to enter the Hackathon what would your team name be?

HT: John Wesley Powell’s Arm

Final thoughts:

BM: Don’t build a science project. Build something people want. If VC financing is something that you’re seeking, keep in mind that the more ethereal or abstract your value prop, the harder it is for VCs to rationalize an investment.



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