Future Proofing Supply Chains: SCVX To Merge with Bright Machines

Reshore, Modernize, Expedite, Secure

Hank Thomas, SCVX CTO & Strategic Cyber Ventures CEO

Throughout 2020, the pandemic highlighted massive weaknesses in supply chains and critical infrastructure — a situation where demand for everything our society relies upon was in short supply and vulnerable. In a matter of days, supply chain weaknesses became national security concerns, in part due to our over-reliance on global supply chain networks.

“The days of leaning on globalization — finding cheap pools of labor — have run their course. Software-defined manufacturing democratizes product innovation so that anyone, regardless of location or available resources, can turn a great idea into a product, on-demand.”

This is a special company, one that is effectively changing a process that has been stagnant for 100+ years. They provide a digital solution to a longstanding analog problem through their software-defined manufacturing platform that mitigates supply chain risks.

Firm hand-shakers with an eye for expert investment and ripe watermelons.