Here’s What You Missed at CES 2022

Security experts discuss their top takeaways.

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3 min readFeb 7, 2022

Remote work continues to increase, and more of our everyday consumer devices are connected to the internet for both work and play. Cybersecurity beyond the office has never been more important.

Security experts, Hank Thomas, Missy Gillette, Dr. Derek Peterson, and Paul Eisler came together at the 2022 CES Conference to discuss these issues, as well as threats to our post pandemic world, and how new and emerging innovations can play a part in securing it.

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SCV took it a step further and sat down with these security experts for some one on one time to get their top takeaways from the conference.

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Missy Gillette — Head of Cyber Risk & Assessment Innovation & Delivery — Booz Allen Hamilton

The biggest takeaway that I have from CES is the energy, excitement, and interest that individuals showed in terms of emerging technologies, but also the importance of securing those emerging technologies.

During the actual presentation that we gave around the “Cyber Sixes”, it was very evident everyone had a shared interest around securing the new way that we live. Based on the questions, the act of participation, and the fact that the session went well over the time we were allotted, I was very energized by the interest and even more energized to see the continued interest in how we secure our ever expanding digital ecosystem.

Hank Thomas — CEO & Founder — SCV

I go to CES to learn about what’s next from a security perspective.

As a member of the advisory board, I try to inject security thought leadership into various different panels and speaking positions for CES so that security is increasingly a hot topic there.

I also go for fun. You can learn about things like IOT OT, and the Metaverse. You can learn about some new cyber tech or about things like electric cars, fintech.

Paul Eisler — Senior Director — US Telecom

My biggest takeaway from CES is that security is a partnership. When you go to CES, you see all this amazing groundbreaking technology and it’s important to also keep security in mind. We want to make sure that consumer devices, especially those that connect to the internet are secure by design so that people can fully enjoy the benefits without the downsides.

We all agree that cybersecurity is a shared challenge. Government industry will have to continue to rely on each other as partners. We also need to continue driving towards security best practices and technical standards that provide clear guidelines to engineers for security design. Finally, we are going to need smart policies that make it easier to deploy securely designed products in countries across the globe, thereby raising expectations for security, no matter where you live, no matter what language you speak, because cybersecurity has no borders. And that means the solutions have to be global in nature.

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